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From My Home to yours


Meet Angel


The more I live, the more I understand how to live. Self-love begins with the body and mind. I want to share that with every woman and every little girl! 



Queen Bronze is a natural skincare company that has been providing high-quality, handmade products since 2012. It all started with my daughter's eczema and sensitive skin. I was looking for a solution that didn't involve harsh chemicals, and that's when I started making my homemade products. I take pride in knowing that my handcrafted skincare allows my daughter and others to nourish their skin with safe, natural products, made with care.


At Queen Bronze, we believe in taking care of your skin in the most natural way possible. Our natural skincare products are carefully crafted using ingredients known for their nourishing properties, as well as for their ability to support healthy collagen production. We understand that skincare is not just about looking good but also feeling good about yourself. That's why we focus on balancing and moisturizing unhealthy skin for a more natural, youthful glow.

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