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Meet Angel Renesa


The more I live, the more I understand how to live. Self-love begins with the body and mind. I want to share that with every woman and every little girl! 


How it All Began...

QueenBronze was originally created as a solution to help treat a chronic skin condition. In 2012, my daughter was diagnosed with eczema. That is when my journey began.

For nearly two years, I used many skincare products. I was not successful in finding the right products for my daughter's sensitive skin. While searching for a solution, I discovered the benefits of natural oils and butters. I began creating combinations and using them to treat my daughter’s skin condition. The results were amazing. I began using the body cream on myself and I absolutely loved how soft and smooth my skin became. I soon began gifting my product to close family and friends. I received so many requests that I found myself busy making more and more products. So, I decided to create my own brand. Now, I am happy to share my homemade skincare products with you and your family.

Our Products...

The ingredients we use are known to nourish the skin and support collagen production. We believe, the way we treat our skin is highly important. Our products could help restore the skin's pH balance, moisturize unhealthy skin, provide protection against dirt and debris in the air, and support overall skin health and regeneration.


Our products have easy-to-read ingredients - all known to be beneficial to our skin. The rich moisturizers help support the skin’s natural barrier function and provide intensive care and protection.


We store our products in glass containers to preserve the quality of the nutrients and to protect the product from toxins found in most plastics. 

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